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Ion transport theory Energy spectrum 1220Fv Breit interaction Highly-charged ions EII 3410+x Afterglow discharge Electron transport theory Dolphin Data analysis method Information Intense laser field Chanics · information · conditional probability · Young's slits · distributive Couches minces 99-00 Nested sampling Ion stripper Energy loss X-ray spectroscopy Bayesian methods Electron capture Electron impact ionisation Hyperfine structure Bayesian Ion-atom collisions Orbital electron capture 3610-k Channeling Intense particle beams Energy resolution Atomic Physics Distributive property Buoyancy Beam-target heating Excited states Decoherence Inert gases Ion–solid interactions Electron cyclotron resonance Charge exchange Collision dynamics Electron backscattering Effet magnétocalorique Highly charged ions Interaction ion-matière Heavy ion storage ring Energy deposition Interaction laser High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy Gold nanoparticles Agrégats QED Cluster 3130J Biomechanics Ion beams Heavy ions Exotic Atoms X-rays Atomic clusters Ground state hyperfine structure Ions multichargés Storage ring Calorimetric low temperature detectors for X-rays 3450Fa Ion irradiation Atom-molecule collisions Electron-cyclotron resonance ion source Impact parameter High-Z ions Higly charged ions Fine structure Excitation MEC Collisions ion-atome Giant magnetocaloric materials Bayesian data analysis Cluster analysis Ion storage rings Atomic physics Ion-solid interaction 00-01 Conditional probability Cost of transport 3230Rj Keywords X-ray spectrometer Charged pion mass 0785Nc Diving reflex Double-crystal X-ray spectrometer Bayesian statistics Breath-hold diving Hydrogen muonic atom Crystal rocking curve Atom-surface impact Argon Bayesian evidence Crystal spectrometer Exotic atoms Hystérésis thermique